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Your Democracy

by Byron on October 7, 2018


America just confirmed a guy named Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  In theory, he will be a Supreme Court Justice long into your working years.  In theory.

It was the ugliest confirmation process that America has seen.  And with good reason.  He was accused of sexual assault by two women.

I don’t know if he did it.  I think he did, but obviously I can’t prove it.  Not even his accusers can prove it.  What I do know beyond a reasonable doubt is that he lied under oath.

He couldn’t say that he didn’t remember the night of the accusation.  So he said he remembered all nights.  He said he never didn’t remember because of drinking.  Mountains of evidence pointed against this statement.  If he lies about one thing, he’s not to be trusted as to all.  That’s largely how life works.  One lie begets more.

Blacking out from drinking, unfortunately, is far too easy to do.  I will absolutely love it if you guys never have a black out night.  I had lots of black out nights unfortunately.

I’m no genius.  I’m just a logical lawyer.  I don’t want him on the Court, but I’m not so adverse that I’m going to make up something that’s not there.  But his lying under oath was just way too obvious.  I couldn’t and didn’t miss it.  Neither did the Senators who voted for him.  And one day, it’s likely his two little girls will suspect he lied.  He is likely to have the extra beer or two and be just a little fuzzy about it in the morning.  And they will suspect.  (This is at the minimum.)

And his performance – his passion, his anger, his indignation, his partisanship, his quick reference to retribution – speaks to his unfitness for the Court.  His unfitness to be the final arbiter of the rules of our democracy.

But Trump and many others made it about Democrats, they made it about the accusers, they made it about the process, they made it a he said-she said.  They were only too happy to make it about sexual assault.  It’s about truth.  They angered the populace on both sides.  They ignored truth – or, at the very fucking least – they turned away from possible truth.

“Our side is right” is more important than truth.  That’s the society now.  That paradigm is the downslope of democracy.  If it continues, we slide down into something other than democracy.  That’s scary shit.

I love you guys,


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