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Summer 2018

by Byron on July 17, 2018


Since the last time I wrote, Carlin died.  Actually, I made the decision for him to die.  People say “put him to sleep” so they feel more comfortable about it.  It was my decision and that was the decision I made.  It’s a tough burden, one that I’m glad people don’t commonly have to make.

I think about Carlin a lot.  I did things for Carlin so regularly that my brain constantly tells me that i need to walk him or I need to feed him.  I miss him.  I miss doing things for him.

I do so much for you guys.  I’m sure I will miss it when I don’t get to do things for you anymore.  I’m sure I will keep doing things for you guys even when the things I do now don’t need doing anymore.  That’s how it’s been for the last 5.75 years.

You guys started going to BT camp.  You seem to like it and you have mostly learned how to swim.

I turned 40 last week.  You guys gave me a bobblehead of myself.  We now have the complete collection – all four of us.

In two weeks we’re going to the beach for a month.  A month.  A lot of people have asked me, “How can you leave your business for a month?”  The truth is, I’m not sure if I can.  But being a Dad, and helping you guys be the best you can be, has always been my number one job.  So I can’t afford not to seize a moment like this!  Stay tuned…
Love you guys!

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