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Do You Want to Know a Question?

by Byron on January 28, 2018


All the time you say to me, “Do you want to know a question?”  I say, “Of course” or “Yes, please.”

You don’t really ask me a question.  Usually, you just make a general statement.  For instance, you might say, “Do you want to know a question?  One time, at cool, I bited Oliver.”  S’s are tough.  Past tense words that don’t end in “ed” are also tough.

It’s the best!  And you have a look that goes with it sometimes.  Your eyes get super big, and you look at me sideway to make sure I’m seeing your big eyes on an angle.  Your eyebrows then raise up and you deliver your “question.”  The best.  I haven’t ever seen the look captured on film.

You also say, “Want to know something?”  Obviously I do.  Or you announce something, then say, “Do you know that?”  For instance, “Mr. Kevin sat next to me at lunch today.  Do you know that?”

I Love You!


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