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Knowing Stuff

by Byron on January 14, 2018


Knowing stuff is over-rated.  I think your generation is really going to understand that in a way that prior generations have not, because of how easily information is accessed.  Knowing people is likely now, and likely to be in the future, under-rated.

Knowing how to access information will always be important.

Acting like you know something that you don’t is an ego issue.  It’s a waste of time and energy and will make you feel bad in the long run.  Gloating about knowing something that you actually do is a similar waste, likely to lead to you feeling badly.

None of this is to say you cannot feel confident in knowing things.  Conversely, feeling confident in your knowledge and ability to express it is an important life skill.  Knowing the difference between confidence, arrogance, and ignorance is the key.  This fact is basically as true in all aspects of life as it is in knowledge.

Knowing it all is not as important as you might think it is.  Oh, how I wished I knew less at various points in the past.

These days, I find such comfort in the ability to express the concept that “I don’t know.  But I’d like to learn.”

Love you guys,


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