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The Latest with Gib

by Byron on December 17, 2017


Two weeks in a row writing to just you!  I just wanted to relate one event and one little habit you have.

First, the event…

Last Sunday afternoon we went sledding at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  They have a pretty big hill.  You and Decker loved it!  Grandma wanted to go down the hill once with one of you.  Reluctantly, you volunteered.  We set you guys up and reminded grandma six times that she had to steer.  With you and front and Grandma in back, down the hill you went.

You got going a little too fast and Grandma did not heed the repeated warnings the she needed to steer.  You guys rocketed into the woods and right into a pricker bush.  It tore a mighty rip in your jacket, but, fortunately, you and Grandma were spared.  I did have to go into the fray like a crazy bushwacker to get you out.  I lifted you out of a hole in the bush relatively unscathed.  Then Mommy dragged Grandma out from underneath the bush by her arms, laying down in the snow.  Grandma thought it was hilarious.  You, less so.  Then you threw up while I was holding you.  Unrelated, I think!

Now, the habit…

About half the time you come into our room to sleep.  But you still like to sleep in your own space.  You pull out Ezra’s old Paw Patrol couch, stretch it out, and go to sleep on the couch on our floor.  It’s adorable.

The only other thing I should mention is that you say, “Poophead.”  A lot.

Love you Poophead!


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