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Creating vs. Finding Happiness

by Byron on July 29, 2017


I think part of the secret of life is learning how to manage yourself – learning how to regulate your emotions and make sure that you are in as good of spirits as you are able to.

I saw a sticker on a car recently that said “Some pursue happiness, others create it.”  I really like that.  To me, it says a couple of things.

  • Happiness comes from within.  If you continually look for things or people to make you happy, you will be in constant search.  Such external sources of happiness can be fleeting.
  • It’s better to give than get.  Seeking external happiness is like constantly looking for a reward or a prize or a high.  But if you create happiness, you are giving away the goodness in you to the world around you.

Giving rather than getting can be something that you eventually learn to let fill you up.

You guys slept at Mimi and PopPop’s last night because Mom worked and I had a deposition that ran late.  You guys said you had an awesome time.

Love you guys,


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