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Tomorrow is Father’s Day

by Byron on June 18, 2016


I feel incredibly fortunate to be your Dad!  You guys are both really awesome people.

Today, we went to the pool with Eliana your cousin, then naps, then the Orioles game (we won 4-2), then to Barnes and Noble.

Gibson, every time I give you a million kisses or tickle you or throw you in the air, you always say the same thing, “Go Gen, Go Gen!”

Decker, tonight at Barnes and Noble, you wanted a Paw Patrol learn how to read set.  At first, we weren’t going to let you get it.  Then, all of the sudden, you said, “But I’m quite a reader!”  You got it!

Gibson, you just turned two a few weeks ago and Decker you will be 3 and 3/4 soon.

I love you guys!


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