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The Sweetest Little Bruiser Around

by Byron on January 24, 2016


The history of my little blog chronicling your lives shows how sweet you are and have been since birth.  You are eager to get love and give love.

And you still are sweet.  It’s in you.  I’m not sure that it can go anywhere.

But now you are the sweet little bruiser.  You’re tough.  Rough and tumble.  You have very little fear.  When Decker knocks you over, full force, I wait for you to come up crying and run over to me for a cuddle.  It doesn’t usually happen that way.  You usually laugh.  Then you pick yourself up and run around with your big brother.

Decker has become pretty sweet himself.  He’s thoughtful.  He looks out for you.  He thinks through everything.

The two of you are becoming quite the pair.

The blizzard of ’16 was yesterday.  We went outside and played in the snow.  The snow is taller than you; in most places, by a lot.  You guys will probably be off of school for a couple days.

I love you, Gib!




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