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Unique Opportunities

by Byron on December 13, 2015

Hey Guys-

Right now we’re in San Diego – me, you guys, Mom, Mimi, PopPop, and Grandpa – for a super cool thing that Daddy gets to do.  I’m in the World Fantasy Football Championship.  It’s a seven-hour tournament of 120 people playing fantasy football.  The winner takes home $3 million.  120th place takes home $20,000.  Either way, I’m a winner.  I’m a winner because I know my priorities, I work my way through difficulties, I take enough chances, I step out of my comfort zone, and I try to count my blessings.

My family is my priority.  You guys are my priority.  People have asked if I got any sleep last night.  I said I only got about half the sleep I wanted, but not because of nerves.  Because my Gibby didn’t sleep great because he’s in a new place and the last few teeth are popping through.

I take calculated risks.  You have to.  You do your research, think it through, think it through one more time, and make your decisions.  The input is up to you.  The result is not.  Do your best and leave the rest to God, whomever your God is.

The best things in life have come to me when I step out of my comfort zone.  Talk to that person I was nervous to.  Publish those thoughts I was nervous to.  Stay in something when it was super hard.  Stay in relationships when they were super hard.  Living on the edge of my comfort zone was a big factor in the video below getting made.  I didn’t know that I wanted to surrender that much control.  But I did.  And the results are awesome.

And I count my blessings.  You guys.  Your mama.  Our family.  Our health.  There’s no doubt $3million would be a blessing.  But its got nothing on the rest of that stuff.

Love you guys!  Thanks for coming to San Diego with me.



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