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Utterly Heartbreaking

by Byron on August 25, 2015

Decker and Gibson summer 2015This picture, taken by Mom, late summer 2015 outside of the gym, absolutely breaks my heart.  I smile, of course, because it’s adorable.  My two little men, tools in hand, marching inside the building, ready to conquer what’s next.  It’s cute.  But it’s heartbreaking. Just a minute ago, you guys were tiny.  I held you all the time.  You slept on my chest when you were tired.  You needed me for everything. Now you guys are traipsing around, seemingly on your own, with purpose.  Purpose of your own.  Purpose and a backpack.  A fucking backpack!  What happened here? I love you guys far more than life itself.  I might love you more than you guys are able to understand until you have your own kids.  And I have, thus far, absolutely loved the process of watching you grow.  Everyone says it happens so quickly.  And it does.  But Mom and I are so lucky, because we’ve been totally present for it.  We know it’s happening as its happening. That’s why seeing this picture fills my heart with joy, then breaks it, almost instantly.  And that’s okay.  That’s how it’s supposed to be. Nice backpack, Deck!  Nice shades, Gibby!  Have an awesome day!  I love you!! Dad

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