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Happy Birthday, Gibson!

by Byron on June 4, 2015


Today, you are a year old.  We can start measuring your age in real numbers, not fractions!

You are sweet, smily, happy, patient, and inquisitive.  You go with the flow.  You love your Mommy and Daddy.  You are always smiling at your big brother.  At school, some of the teachers, including one who has been teaching 40 years, say you are the best child they’ve ever had.  One calls you “baby by the book.”

Tomorrow is your last day there.  Next week you will be in school with your brother.

The video below is from last night.  That’s Decker’s scooter, but you were riding like a pro.

IMG_3133 (2)

Happy Birthday, My Co-Mainest Man!  I love you like crazy.  Can’t wait to learn even more about you everyday!



Decker and Gibson

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