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Justified Anger

by Byron on April 9, 2015


I have a problem with the emotion justified anger.  This emotion can also be referred to as righteous indignation or a sense of injustice.  I don’t like it when I am harmed.  I also don’t like it when my boys (you guys), my wife, my family or my clients are harmed.  In many ways, I don’t like it when one more powerful person harms another less powerful person.

All you need to do is read PopTort to see an example, nearly everyday, of how those harmed by our systems don’t get justice.  This produces, in me, that sense of injustice.  Surely that anger is justified.  Those perpetrating the injustices deserve my wrath, don’t they?  Aren’t I allowed to be angry?

The answer to this question is not simple for me.  Yes, I can feel anger.  I can observe the injustice and feel the anger that comes with it.  However, I must properly channel the energy and emotion if I am to be useful to other people.  Knowing how to do that has been somewhat difficult for me.

The “grouch and the brainstorm were not for us,” says a book that has been a large influence on my life.  It goes on to say these things are the “dubious luxury of normal men.”  I am not a normal man.  I must be careful to allow my feelings, passions, and observations of injustice in, but not let them destroy me from within.  This is a tough balance to strike.

I’m not sure if either of you guys will have this same experience.  If you do, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Love you guys!


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