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Our Little Sayings

by Byron on December 19, 2014

Hey Guys,

Once kids start talking, I think all parents have little things they say to their kids to show them off.  A mom is so proud when she counts to three and her two year old goes, “four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!!”  Or even just a dad asking what his son’s favorite animal is and little guy says, “Rarr, tiger!”  There are infinite little examples of this.

Decker, one of mine is I say, “What are we??”  And you say, “Best-ies”  Sometimes it sounds like “Bet-eeeeees!!”  I love it.  Makes my life.  I say it when it’s just us watching Wheels on the Bus on youtube.  I say it when people are around.  Anytime.  Sometimes I ask you, “Deckie, how much do I love you?”  You say, “Big!”  Makes my life.

Gibson, we don’t have our things yet, because your only six and a half months old.  But virtually every single time I look at you you smile huge.  Makes my life.  You brighten lots of days.  Not just mine.

I can’t explain the overwhelming joy you guys bring me.  I love you both so BIG.


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