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The Best of Humanity

by Byron on November 5, 2014

Deck and Gibby,

I just came across a pretty awesome webpage – Some of the Best Moments of Humanity.  Acts big and small are super important.  And we’re all in this together.

Decker, you are starting to string words together… “Daddy’s car” “Mommy’s room” “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?”  That’s your longest one yet.  It’s the cutest thing ever to hear you say it.  I first heard you say it last night.  You love Brown Bear.

Gibson, you just started eating food as opposed to formula.  You still have the formula of course, but now you have strained veggies too.  Pop-pop sees you almost every day at school.  You guys hang out.  He knows all your little baby friends – Landon and Fiona especially.  You are still super happy all the time.  Tonight Decker brought you a book and started to read it to you, pointing to pictures and telling you what they were.  You look at Decker with admiration, even at this young age.

On a sad note, Daddy lost his good friend this week.  He died of a drug overdose.  Drugs are really bad.  They steal people’s lives from them.  They steal people’s dreams and relationships with other people too.  Daddy’s friend was a good man.  He was kind and giving and hard-working.  He loved his family and friends.  He didn’t even know how many people loved him.  So so so many.

I loved him.  I still do love him.  I wish he was here with us.  I wish drugs didn’t take him down.  I pray pray pray that drugs don’t take hold of either of you guys.

I love you guys!


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