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A Bunch of Good Advice

by Byron on October 8, 2014

Hey Boys,

I don’t have the monopoly on good advice.  I probably don’t even a noticeable market share on good advice.  The below is an excellent list of advice I saw on the Interwebs.  I don’t agree with all of it, but I agree with the majority of it.  It’s a little hard to say, “Have Character!”  It’s even hard to say, “Giving back extra change at the cash register will make you have character.”  Character – being a good person with a lot of heart and soul – is nuanced.  It’s subtle.  It’s the little things.  There are a bunch of little things on this list.  I’ll refer back to it from time to time to expand on my thoughts.

I got this list here –

Love you guys!



Advice for the boys

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