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You’re Growing

by Byron on July 19, 2014


You are doing awesome!  You eat like a champ!  You smile at me and your Mommy.  I could swear you even try to talk.

At this early phase of the game (you’re only 6 weeks old), you’re a little calmer than Decker was at the same age.  I was asking Mom the other day if she thought maybe it’s just cause we’re a little calmer.  Ultimately, I think we decided maybe it’s a little bit of both.

We went out to dinner last night.  You slept the whole time.  It’s hard work being 6 weeks old!  Decker ran around the restaurant (Atwaters at Kenilworth) looking at all the things and all the people.  He went right up to one table and started dancing for them.

If you two were adults today, you would be Decker’s agent.  You’re calm, cool and collected.  Decker’s a basket of crazy energy.  Of course, it’s probably just the age.  Ya never know, maybe Decker will be your agent.

I really hope you guys are roll dogs!  That would be so great.  Decker really looks out for you, always quick to bring a blanket or bottle or pacifier.  I never had a brother.  Aunt Heather is awesome, and the best little sis a guy could ask for.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  That said, I’m really happy you’ve got Decker and Decker’s got you.

I love you, Gib!  Keep doing what you’re doing!



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