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So Grateful I Get to be Close to You

by Byron on April 19, 2014


I went to visit a client on federal prison yesterday.  There was a little boy in the waiting area.  He was being a little mischievous.  He looked a little like you.  He was about 6 months older than you.  I made faces at him and smiled.  He made faces back and smiled.  I thought of you and wondered what you were doing.  I missed you immensely.

He was with his “Mom-Mom” and his “Pop-Pop.”  Just like you, he called his grandfather “Pop-Pop.”  He was there to see his daddy.

His dad was in jail.  Understanding the situation immediately, my heart hurt.  He and his dad were apart.  It wasn’t right for either of them.  They deserved to be together.

But his dad was in jail.  I thought of the struggles the vast majority of people have.  Trying so hard to make it in a cruel world.  Was his dad a bad man?  I doubt it.  Were his crimes honorable?  Was he merely trying find the resources to provide for his boy?  This boy that looked a bit like you.  I doubt that too.  His dad probably wasn’t completely pure.  But his dad was human.  A man.  Just like your dad.  His dad had some good and some not so good, just like us all.

Did his daddy deserve to be in prison?   Who knows?  I don’t know.

What I know was I hope he enjoyed his boy today.  And I hope his boy is gonna be okay.  And I missed you terribly.  You slept at Mimi and Pop-Pop’s last night.  I drove there on my way home from New Jersey just to see your smile and give you a kiss.

I love you!


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