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A Life of Screens

by Byron on January 7, 2014

Dear Decker,

We’re all in California visiting Aunt Heather.  We’re having a great time.  You are such a good, big boy.  You love the slides at Dolores Park.  You were great on the plane yesterday, all 6 hours of it.  We’re so super proud of you.  Yesterday, you walked up to a little girl in the park and gave her a hug.  It was the adorablest.

Aunt Heather loves seeing you.  You love seeing her too.

Your Mom is pregnant with your little brother.  We know you are going to welcome him to the world the same way we will – with love and care and excitement.

As we travel with you, I realize how much screens are a part life.  Smartphones and tablet and tv’s and computers and screens on the wall and screens on the back of seats.  Screens everywhere.  Entertainment.  Information.  Occupation of the brain.  Mom and I are guilty.  Mom is obsessed with this ridiculous game called candy crush which hopefully you will not know.  I am in constant communication with people in the ecosystem that provides us with money.

I try to meditate to free my mind from the steady stream of information trying to occupy my brain.

Whatever you do, be careful in this life of screens.  Real wealth is in being able to free yourself and free your mind.  Real wealth is in being able to be present in the moment.

I love you!


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