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Getting Caught Up

by Byron on December 8, 2012


You came to my office today.  Everyone got to see you.  Some in the office even got to hold you.  You were a hit.  Everyone loves you.  It’s hard not to.

After you left, I got on a roll.  There was nothing I couldn’t get done.  I solved problems.  I invented solutions.  But the entire time, I felt myself becoming more intense.  As the afternoon went on, I was more involved with myself, less involved with those around me.  It culminated with me walking by someone four times, the fourth time referring to him in the third person as though he wasn’t there.

I don’t want to be that person.  The situation actually called for me to introduce myself to him and speak with him for a moment.  I didn’t.  Who knows the price I might pay for that one day.

I was too involved with myself.

It’s important to have plans and goals and dreams.  But when our world gets run by our selfish little plans and designs, it can be to the detriment of other things, including yourself.

I came home to you, so it was okay.  But its a lesson I need to relearn and remember.


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