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A Letter to Decker on Election Day

by Byron on November 6, 2012

Dear Decker,

I got to tell you, buddy, I’m upset this election day.  I’m frustrated and I’m angry.  It started when Carlin peed on a basket of your stuff in your closet.  While cleaning it up, I was fuming that he did it.  Doesn’t he know we don’t have the time or energy to clean up dog pee right now?  You pee enough for everyone in the house.  But alas, he doesn’t know any better.  Just like you’re just a baby right now, he’s just a dog.  We’re all just doing the best we can, I guess.

But the real source of my frustration was that I had to go out and vote.  The only reason I went was to vote yes to something called question 6.  It’s a new law that gives gay people the right to get married.  By the time you are old enough to vote, people won’t believe that gay people once couldn’t legally get married.  I think that will happen in Maryland and a number of other states today.  Some think it’s exciting to be part of the change.  The whole thing just makes me a little sad.

Why is it that we need a law to tell us we’re equal and we deserve access to the same stuff?  Who made it so it wasn’t that way?  Why do we have to constantly struggle to govern ourselves?

People get excited to vote, to decide who their leaders are.  In fact, in many places in this world, people can’t vote.  These people simply get told what the rules are, and they must live by them or else.  And even in our country, not long ago, black people and women could not vote.  For these reasons, some people feel that you have an obligation to exercise your right to vote.  I say do whatever you feel is right.

I vote.  Recently, I only vote so I can buck whatever everyone else is doing.  Today I voted for all of the libertarians.  I generally don’t like the rest of the regular politicians.  By and large, I find them to be self-interested and self-serving.  Maybe one day I will feel differently, but, for now, I don’t like any of them.

But back to my sadness.  I envision a world where everyone governs themselves.  They look out for themselves and those around them.  If someone is in need, that someone gets taken care of by those close by or close at heart.  We don’t need to get told what to do or where to go or who to be or what we can or can’t say about ourselves.  I see a world where the love that binds the universe governs us.  I’m sad that’s not this world.

But before I get too angry about the whole thing, I must realize I’m just a person, too.  I do not spend all of my time living in the love that binds the universe.

It’s in writing this letter to you that I remember I am just a person and I cannot be too upset with other people for forgetting or not seeing the love that binds the universe.  Thanks for reminding me, Decker.  I love you.

You’re crying now, I’m going to go hold you for a little while.




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