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Business Idea #199 – Independent Book Publishing Consulting

by Byron on October 22, 2012

The Problem:

Many people do not realize how easy it is to publish their own book.  That said, as I’ve found out, it does take specialized knowledge.

The Business

Offer advice and expertise on why, where and hows of self-publishing.  An indy book consultant business.


You need the knowledge.  But frankly, there’s not that much to it.  I can say that now that I’ve spent 100 or so hours getting and applying the knowledge.  You could even price the assistance on a flat rate.

My Thoughts

The question … could you make enough by simply doing consulting?

On a personal note, what a massively tough goal I set out for myself.  One business idea every business day.  I had to take vacation last week.  My new business launched last week.  We marketed our book – The Comp Pinkbook – and our lawyer marketing ideas at a Maryland convention.  Ultimately, the conference was a success.  But it left little time for anything else.

I took my vacation week.  I may not have reached my ultimate goal, but I’m succeeding nonetheless.  Thanks to Mark for the encouraging comment!


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