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Business Idea #188 – Pet Medical Records Online

by Byron on September 26, 2012

The Problem:

Over the years, my dog has seen quite a few vets.  I get postcards for shots from everybody in town.  His medical records are everywhere.

The Business

Pet medical records online.  A full software suite.  In essence, this really means building EMR for pets that all vets will interface with.  I’m sure there are only a few big players in vet practice management software.  You would only need to make sure the software interfaces with those programs.

Pet owners will love it.  All records in one place.  No paper file.  No moving records between offices.


I’m envisioning a robust and powerful software suite.  It’s no small task.  But it’s certainly doable.

My Thoughts

I’m envisioning small monthly pricing.  I’m also envisioning this to be your pets life tracked digitally.  More than just EMR – lifestyle, diet, activity, etc.


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