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Business Idea #167 – Help Others Establish Trust

by Byron on August 27, 2012

The Problem:

It’s a low trust world. There’s less trust everyday. Being trusted is worth the same as it always was – it’s just harder to establish.

The Business

There are tons of business possibilities relating to this idea. We are equal opportunity doubters. Generally, the business ideas I have for this idea – such as this and this and this – center around professionals. I think one-on-one professional relationships (the kind of relationships that start as professional and, when they work, become personal) have the most uphill battle.


It simply depends how deep you want to go.  The only requirement… be impartial.

My Thoughts

My company, 27Legal, LLC, provides real information and statistics about lawyers.  The statistics are displayed via a number of avenues, and monetize in a few different ways.  One example is InjuryLawyerDatabase, with statistics about injury lawyers.

But the opportunities abound, in many different verticals.  I know this post is vague, but, in many ways, I think this is one of the better “business ideas” there is.  The idea is not mine, I just try to act on it.

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