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Business Idea #154 – Local Business Affiliate Network

by Byron on August 8, 2012

The Problem:

It is hard for local businesses to experience the power of affiliate marketing.  Dentists, hairstylists, therapists and other small business needs an application that scales.

The Business

Easy sign-up application for local businesses that allows their customers to instantly and easily become affiliates.


Customer becomes aware of the program.  Fills out name, email, and address – or info is filled out for them by dumping the entire small business customer database into the referral app.  Customer, or referrer, gets paid upon a new customer.  Affiliate marketing is doable, almost passe.  Getting your existing customer database to do it, that’s the rub.

My Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts on the intersection of referrals, recommendations, and monetary rewards.  I won’t get into them at this point.

My dental hygenist was looking for new clients.  We’re friendly.  She tells me, “Send me new people and they get $75 free and you get $75.  Who can beat that?”

She started explaining the benefits to me.  She didn’t realize quite how well I understand affiliate marketing.

I get it.  How can she scale that effort?  Or at least digitize it?

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