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Business Idea #152 – Only the Best of a Twitter Feed

by Byron on August 6, 2012

The Problem:

There are many twitter feeds I would follow if the tweeter didn’t add so much useless stuff.  I want only the best of their twitterfeeds.

The Business

Only the best of a given twitterfeed.  It’s easily measured by the most retweeted tweets.


The problem with being an Internet entrepreneur and not knowing how to code, is the same problem as going somewhere you don’t speak the language.  No matter how much you have picked up or how good your translator is, something always gets lost.  I am that guy.  I get around, no problem.  I’ve been to phpland.  Stopped briefly in dot net ville.  Stayed awhile in rubyonrailastan.  And I’ve always been able to enjoy myself and get things done.  But I don’t speak the language.

I know, in a general way, about the changes twitter made recently.  I don’t think those changes impact this idea, but I can’t say that for sure.

And I don’t know exactly how to communicate exactly what I need, technology-wise.  That said, you just need to go into the twitter API and get only retweets for a given user, get a count on those retweets, and broadcast to the followers of @johnbdoes retweets only feed.

I’m not sure who the user follows.  But I’m pretty sure its doable.

My Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like everyone else understands twitter in a way I don’t.  How on earth can you follow 2000 or 20,000 people and expect to get anything out of reading your twitter feed?  Do these people just not read the feed?  Why follow if you aren’t going to read?  To get followed back?


I get infinitely more from reading than I do from writing.  Even my writing is just a different form of processing.  I would get a lot more from many twitter streams  if I could see only the best of that stream as opposed to every single @janedoe I agree and every single @johndoe Have you talked to @janedoe.

Maybe this already exists.  Couldn’t find it.

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