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Business Idea # 145 – Website Demo Videos

by Byron on July 26, 2012

The Problem:

Websites need an easy and cost effective way to explain what they do, but no one reads anymore.  Website demo videos have only just begun.

The Business

A website demo video business.

The idea isn’t novel, but if you can do quality work, you can have an excellent business in website demo production.  It’s something I would love to do for a project I’m working on, but I probably won’t spend the money.  Furthermore, my concept isn’t as tough as some I’ve done.

I worked in a business that had a comparatively tough concept, and I bought a website demo video.  It’s good.  You can find it here.

I have seen excellent website demo videos from Simplifilm. They are who I would go with if I was going to purchase this time.  I saw them when I was researching competitors in the verified testimonials space.


You need skills in storyboarding, animation, voice work, graphics, and video production.  Most importantly, you need to be able to tell a complicated story succinctly.  A lot of skills need to come together.  If you can do it all and put it all together, you have a winner.  Demand for this product/skill set will not dry up anytime soon.

My Thoughts

There’s also a lot of information out there.  Check out this info about website demo video pricing from Quora.

I sure hope my kids are technically savvy.  Millenials are going to have a much easier time making a living producing web videos than being lawyers.  How quick the world flips on its head.

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