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Business Idea #124 – When to Take Social Security

by Byron on June 26, 2012

The Problem:

When someone should take social security benefits is a complicated question.  62, 66, 70 are all viable options.  Marriage, health, and finances must be considered.

The Business

Build a website that helps answer the question: When Should I Take Social Security Benefits?

It can do so by use of calculators, pure information, FAQs, sample scenarios, etc.  Monetization can be in the form of advertising and/or an e-book on the subject.


Other than the underlying knowledge, this is easy.  Very easy.  Simply the matter of putting up a website and making it very useful to those who need to know when to take social security.

My Thoughts

“When to take social security” and related terms based around keywords “take social security” have around 74,000 google searches per month.  They list the competition level on those terms as “low”.  Strangely, the Social Security Administration isn’t even the top for many of these searches.

The baby boomers should not be underestimated.  They are just turning 66.  This has been a growing trend – 74,000 searches is nothing to sneeze at.  But it’s nothing compared to what it will be.

This idea is strong all around, other than the monetization.  That, however, is not the more difficult part.  It never is.  Finding an audience is always the difficult part.

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