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Business Idea #122 – The Thank You Department

by Byron on June 22, 2012

The problem:

We don’t think enough about how to wow our customers.  The thank you economy is taking over.  But it’s hard to connect one-on-one with customers.

The Business

Outsourced thank you departments.

Businesses need to love their customers, but many don’t know how because Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thank You Economy is so new and SO different.  I’m with Vaynerchuk – you need personal relationships.


If you can make businesses understand why it’s so important to have one-on-one connections with their customers, you’ve done half the battle.  Then you need to make them understand why you are the one to do it for them.

My Thoughts

Vaynerchuk might tell me this can’t be outsourced.  But it can.  Your company – the outsourced thank you department – simply needs to love the customer as much as the business whose customer it actually is.  This can happen.

People who really love people are going to be the new rarity in the world.  Your ability to be genuinely nice and friendly and, most importantly, engaging, is going to be the new currency.

This post was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk and his keynote speech at the Inc. conference. Check out minute 23.5.  This idea is his, not mine.  I just think it can be outsourced and scaled.

And of course, just like @garyvee predicts, implementation of my idea and others like it will make one-on-one connections passe and, in five years, ruin the thank you economy.  Free shipping is shit.


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