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Business Idea #120 – A slightly different way to monetize websites

by Byron on June 20, 2012

The Problem:

Website owners have relatively few options when it comes to ways to monetize their website.  The standard ways aren’t always best for the site owner.

The Business

Become the expert in whole site rentals.

A viable way, that I think sees increased traction in the future, is the whole site rental.  Instead of putting up a few links here, and a few ads there, site owners will literally lease the entire site for some period of time.  An appropriate amount of time might be six months or a year.

Unlike ads, which are controlled by the site owner, a full site lease would give control over to the lessee.  However, just like a lessee in an apartment, the agreement must have specific restrictions.  This is where the expert comes in.


This is probably a business for a lawyer.  The action is in knowing all the potential variables and knowing how they apply to a particular client’s given situation.  There is also action in finding whole sites to lease or to lease to.

The entire business is obtaining the knowledge, disseminating you are the one who has the knowledge, and in applying the knowledge to various situations.

My Thoughts

This is a specific website practice area for a lawyer or small team of lawyers.

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