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Business Idea #99 – Live Lawyers Anytime

by Byron on May 21, 2012

The Problem:

We’re almost to the point where you can speak to a lawyer anywhere, anytime, via live video online chat.  We are not quite there yet.

The Business

Right now, you can go onto, enter a legal question, and generally get a relatively quick answer from a lawyer.  You know this quick answer came from a lawyer.  There is value there.  The lawyer is doing it to promote their practice.  The motives are relatively clear and easy to understand.

But it’s much more akin to Yahoo answers than it is to a face to face consultation from a lawyer.

The web now has the scale and the technology to have immediate online legal consultations available to anyone, anytime.


Technology and marketing will be tough but doable, as always.

The difficult part is building scale at the same time.  The website is a connector of two groups – those looking for a lawyer and lawyers seeking clients.  If you have lots of lawyers with no potential clients, you don’t succeed.  If you have lots of potential clients with no lawyers, you don’t succeed.  You need just the right amount of both.

My Thoughts

With this idea, more than most, you just know ideas are worthless, execution is everything.

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