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Business Idea #95 – Become the Seth Godin of Your Niche

by Byron on May 15, 2012

The Problem:

Business and industries everywhere are having a difficult time adjusting to permission marketing.  Your industry needs a wise voice to explain how permission marketing relates to you.

The Business

Be the Seth Godin of your niche.

Seth Godin didn’t invent permission marketing, he just created the phrase for it.  He noticed that time and attention, in an interruption world, were incredibly valuable because they were increasingly rare.  He began talking about what permission marketing means in the real world of business.  He developed a following and a massively popular blog.

However, in many ways, his blog and his thinking has had a difficult time penetrating the old world business order.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s made more progress than any one individual should normally be able to make.  He articulates the new way of the world beautifully.  His books are tremendous.  The old world business order still interrupts constantly, though.  Change is hard for two reasons.  First, millions of people make their living from the old world business order.  That makes change hard.  Second, someone needs to explain it their group.

That’s where you come in.  Be the Seth Godin of your niche.


Some industries have embraced permission marketing more than others.  Some industries are permission marketing.  However, numerous industries have not really embraced permission marketing.  Legal marketing comes to mind.  (I don’t want to pick on Justia in particular, but they are part of the legal marketing complex.)

If you understand permission marketing, and you are in an industry that needs help adapting, you are uniquely positioned.  Figure out a way to sell that knowledge.  Once you get permission.

My Thoughts

I have an interest in a company that does legal content for lawyer websites.  It was in researching that opportunity that I began to think about permission marketing for lawyers and content marketing for lawyers.  In that field, there is no one voice to explain.  Legal marketing needs a Seth Godin.  It occurred to me, based on how many times I get interrupted in a day, that many other niches could use a Seth too.

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