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Biz Idea #87 – Extreme Home Makeover Meets Sharktank

by Byron on May 3, 2012

The Problem:

We can’t get enough of reality shows that involve some level of competition, yet simultaneously make us feel great.  There simply aren’t enough of them.

The Business

A show that combines Extreme Home Makeover with Sharktank.

People pitch to get charitable money given to those who need it.  The person in need isn’t part of it.  The person doing the pitching cannot benefit.  The judges/money givers are either wealthy philanthropists themselves, from the non-profit world, or both.  Maybe there is even phone voting.

Combine two big hits and, sometimes, you come out with another hit.


As I’ve said about other television shows I’ve suggested, I don’t know much about this stuff happens.  Hollywood is foreign to me.  But I do know that is in the production business.  It seems like large scale production is coming to the masses.

My Thoughts

Two major idea are sticking out to me here.  First, people just want to be moved.  People want to cry, to feel happy, to feel like the world isn’t quite as fucking brutal as it feels some of the time.  Second, content really is king.

First, people want to be moved.  There’s a lot of ways the producers of Undercover Boss could have gone with that show.  They chose to try to move people.  Ultimately, that show is very similar to the show I’m talking about, without the competing pitches.  The bosses end up giving a lot to employees.  It’s moving stuff.

Second, content really is king.  Amazon has just about the best distribution system in the world.  Digital, where possible; efficiency everywhere else.  And what business do they want to be in?  Content.

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