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Biz Idea #84 – A Public Notices Website like Craigslist

by Byron on April 30, 2012

The Problem:

There is, as of yet, no website that provides nationwide public notices.  The service needs to be free to view and nearly free to post.

The Business

A public notices website that looks and feels much like Craigslist.


Engineering is not tough.  Building an audience is tough.

But the major problem is the legal requirements surrounding public notices.  Public notices exist, more or less, because they are required by law.  Those laws often say things like, “general circulation” or “newspaper” or “some other prehistoric notion.”  In short, this doesn’t exist because it can’t yet exist, from a legal standpoint.

My Thoughts

Various places in the law have old media notions and requirements.  I can’t immediately think of any offhand, but I’m virtually certain others exist.  When something gets written into the law, it is, like the laws themselves, slow to change.  That creates a big business opportunity when it finally does change.

Ps. Public Notices are boring.  Boring is often good.


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