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Biz Idea #82 – Plug-In to Find Where You Should Be Commenting

by Byron on April 26, 2012

The problem:

When I write content, I want to promote it by being part of the conversation.  Often, I don’t know where the relevant conversations are happening.  Sure, I read a lot of content, but that doesn’t fully solve the problem.  Moreover, it isn’t scalable.  I need a way to find out who else is talking about the same stuff.  I need to know now, I don’t even want to go googling.  It will end up eating half my afternoon.

The Business

A plug-in that tells you who is talking about the same things, with information about their comments and trackbacks situation.  It’s directly on your back-end.  You publish, then you find out.


I’m no sophisticated engineer.  I have a feeling what I’m talking about is quite difficult.  It seems like the closest thing out there is google.

Doableness is always a big concern you say something like, “Closest out there is Google.”

My Thoughts

You have to be authentic.  You have to really be there, really have something to say, and, to get proper benefit, truly add value to the conversation.  Being authentic is time consuming.  I need tools to help me maximize the time I spend displaying my authenticity.  I think this could be one of them.  Just because you haven’t previously been reading that person’s blog doesn’t mean you can’t authentically participate, especially when you were just writing on a similar concept.


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