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Biz Idea #76 – An Infographics Design Shop

by Byron on April 18, 2012

The Problem:

As I have discussed on Estimated Future before, infographics are popular.  Despite the popularity, I still have a difficult time finding, buying, or commissioning one.  I have my regular design shops, but none have a specialty in this arena.  The biggest part of the infographic is the wow factor – the perspective.  It would be awesome to find someone who had a gift for hearing your problem and knowing the wow factor and how to visually represent it.

The Business

A design shop focused on infographics.


You need to be someone, partner with someone, or employ someone who is able to mentally picture the wow factor, then visually represent it very quickly.  That’s the tough part.  After that, the customers will land at your doorstep.

My Thoughts

I know customers will land at your doorstep because of the search traffic that’s coming from my automated infographics design tool post. There is a ton of room for someone to market themselves with a specialty in designing infographics.  If you are this designer, please get in touch.

Ps The image is an infographic about infographics from the gurus at ThinkBrilliant.

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