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Biz Idea #71 – Deleted Google

by Byron on April 11, 2012

The Problem:

I can’t see the history of the Internet by searching a particular term.  If it’s been deleted, it does not appear in my search results.

The Business

Google, except for things that have been deleted.


I’m not talking about and the wayback machine, but that’s kind of a start.  I mean all the google results that were probably once there, but aren’t there anymore.

Computing power and storage, compared to usage makes Deleted Google an uphill battle.  However, I think this product may generate far more interest and revenue than might initially be believed.  Furthermore, demand will increase significantly over time.

My Thoughts

A tiny fraction of a fraction of regular Google users would be regular “Deleted Google” users.  But those who needed to know would really need to know.  I see this as a tool in litigation, law enforcement, corporate espionage (or for the boring folks, “Corporate Research”), and academia.  The revenue model is actually charging for queries or time spent on the system.

This idea seems so basic to me.  If this is something that already exists and I don’t know about it, I’m going to feel like the epitome of the last to know.



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