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Biz Idea #49 – Recording Everything, Forget Nothing

by Byron on March 12, 2012

The Problem:

You can’t remember to whom you have told what.  For that matter, you can’t seem to remember much about your own existence.  You just forget stuff.  I’m not talking about brutal hangovers.  It’s part of being human.  And, by and large, forgetting is a good thing.  Remembering everything would make you a little nuts.

(Who has seen that 60 minutes with Mary Lou Henner from Taxi?  If not, you must see… It’s called hyperthymesia.)

But remembering for reference is needed and not insanity producing.  You want to reference a conversation.  You want to know if you have told so and so the big news.  For that matter, you’d love to actually be told to tell so and so the big news.

I don’t mean the big news like “It’s my first day of work!”  Post that non-sense on facebook.  I mean the big, life changing news.  The stuff that gets 42 comments when you put it on facebook.

This needs to be nuanced.  You tell the small circle first.  You tell them all and you tell them now.  Preferably you communicate this in person or one-on-one over the phone.  Then you slowly tell your larger circles.

The Business

The app that offloads your brain when talking to people.  The app is recording all of the time, whether you are having an in-person conversation or a phonecall.  Then everything gets transcribed.  Everything is searchable later.  Artificial intelligence is built into it so it learns to know to whom you are talking.

Of course, the concept that you have a record of every aspect of your existence doesn’t end with “Did I tell Uncle Al about the baby?”  It’s uses are endless.  End!Less!


Recording everything all the time?  Once they fix battery issues with smartphones, this really isn’t out of the question.

Transcribing all that auditory data?  Not so tough.

Databasing all those words for later use?  A little harder, but a world-class engineering team can knock this out of the park.

Using that information in real time?  Also complex, but also doable.

My Thoughts

We will record everything!  I, personally, can’t wait.

Forget the ability (or lack thereof) to actually build this project.  Someone will build it.  Or, better said, many people will build many things very similar.  We will record everything.  That’s coming, whether you like it or not

You don’t have to be some kind of epic hacker to profit from this.  It’s a gold rush.  Think jeans, pics, and shovels, not gold.  Databasing, data storage, computing power, to name just a few, are surefire winners from this phenomenon.

Who is dropbox’s biggest vendor?  Who is evernote’s?  Google’s?

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Nick July 3, 2013 at 2:05 am

I had a concept along the lines of this. It was a social network that you logged on to once a day and as soon as you log in you ate required to sum the highlight of your day in a verify paragraph. This way it will prevent people from getting lazy if they know they have to write a whole story. From my point of view, when I am simply reminded breifly of something that happened in the past my mind seems to slowly start to remember the rest of it. Its kind.of weird that our mind can work that way, you can forget something completely but if you are breifed on it quickly you somehow remember more if not all of it.

Nick July 3, 2013 at 2:06 am


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