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Biz Idea #47 – Inbox Subscription Cleaner

by Byron on March 8, 2012

The Problem:

Inboxes get completely overcrowded, almost to the point the inbox becomes useless.  The majority of the population simply puts up with this.  Time gets wasted.

The Business

Software that cleans out subscriptions from your email inbox.  There are others who provide this service but they don’t work because you can’t give them feedback.

The software scans all of your emails.  It produces a report of all of your “subscriptions.”  It asks you whether you want to unsubscribe.  If you are unsure, it produces a screenshot of both the email and the company who sent the email.  If you check unsubscribe, it automatically unsubscribes you.

Maybe it even automatically files Can-Spam complaints.


You need some pretty sophisticated engineering, making this problem relatively difficult.  It’s beyond my expertise.  I think, though I’m not sure, that it’s not all that complicated for good software engineers.

If it works, it will sell.  The product is in such high demand.  There’s no reason to put up with a polluted inbox.

My Thoughts

I’m just back from vacation to Bay area and Sedona.  I don’t have a lot of thoughts today except all of the other shit I need to do.  I’m going to get to it.  And Happy Birthday Heather!

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