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Biz Idea #41 – Auto-Generated Echo Emails

by Byron on February 29, 2012

The Problem:

Clients often “mishear” when on the phone with service providers.  A record of what was said, not what the client wanted to hear, is needed.

The Business

A service that copies phone calls to email, that is then editable by the service provider and turned into an echo email for approval by the client.  The service is designed to memorialize conversation, promote mutual understanding and avoid disagreements.


The technology behind recording the conversation and producing an email for the service provider to send to the client is already in place and fairly simple.  The complications come in when trying to automate various features and aspects.

For example, the most useful service would be to entirely automate this process.  Only the relevant parts of the conversation that need “agreement” are sent to the client.  The client can simply reply “Yes.”

The opposite end of the spectrum is a client getting a full transcript of the phonecall with agreement instructions.  This certainly has uses, but it’s a violation of privacy (without a warning) and it’s too time consuming and cumbersome.

Somewhere in the middle lies the answer.  This middle likely involves some auto-generation of tailored content, as well as some editing by the service provider.  Combine this with formatting for the end result that the client sees.

It’s very doable, but it needs a sophisticated engineering team.  As well as continual optimization as it moves from emailing the transcript of a phonecall toward a perfect auto-generated echo email.

My Thoughts

Sophisticated technology is required.  Substantial artificial intelligence automation and complicated, multi-system installation is required.  But the costs saved by the reduced misunderstanding (and resulting litigation) are immense.  That’s what makes the market for this product well into the hundreds of millions and classifies this as an easy billion-dollar idea.

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