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Biz Idea #34 – The Killer To-Do List App

by Byron on February 17, 2012

The Problem:

No one has invented the fully integrated, nearly perfect to-do app yet.  Each application or piece of software on the market lacks a little something.

The Business

The Killer To-Do App

I’ve literally been through everything on iTunes, explored various software, experimented with Getting Things Done, etc.  None of this works for me.

  • It doesn’t properly integrate with my calendar:  Appointments and to-do’s are not different things.
  • It doesn’t let me group things into projects.
  • It doesn’t realize things need prep time, travel time, etc.
  • It doesn’t let me communicate with it from anywhere.
  • It’s not just about business, it’s about my social and spiritual calendar as well.
  • It doesn’t tell me when my life is out of balance, yet it should know better than anyone or anything.


I guess it is tougher than I realize since no one has done it yet.  It is also possible that part of the problem is the killer app is different for everyone.

My Thoughts

Waaaay back in the day, I used to play a game on Nintendo called Wall Street Kid.  I loved the game.  I figured out the algorithm nearly instantly and therefore was not challenged for long.  It’s been a long time, but I do remember that you needed to get physical activity and have a social life in order to be successful in the game.  (As I read the Wikipedia on WSK, I’m a little frightened at the rampant consumerism.)  At least I remember it fondly and not so soul crushing.

My point is this simple crude little game knew that life balance had to be integrated in order to win.  To-do list/productivity applications currently on the market seem to be missing this key insight.

If this already exists and someone knows about it, please tell me!  I would rather have this tool in my life than be considered intelligent for having conceptualized it.

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