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Biz Idea #29 – Video the Fine Print

by Byron on February 10, 2012

The Problem:

Fine print.  Simply too much of it.  Eventually, there will be a fine print backlash by regulatory agencies.  A pebble could touch off an avalanche.  There was a Smart Money article about fine print. 111 pages average length of complete disclosures for a checking account.  Thousands of words in every software agreement.

Not one website terms and conditions page read in the history of terms and conditions pages.

The Business

Video the fine print.  Regulators will instantly be happy that there is an actual person talking, with some simple graphics, and plain language.  Of course, no one will watch a ten minute video about boring legal stuff either, but it looks great.  And it is only meant to accompany all the unread print, anyway.

Done right, you have a chance to do some great branding work with these videotaped fine print explanations.


Get a few Ivy league educated PhD’s in visual psychology on the team, a video camera, some decent lighting, and someone who can read and you’re good to go.  The Ivy league thought doctors will make you big loot.

Okay, add a really incredible copywriter, a great graphic designer, an excellent editor, and a crafty lawyer and you have a much better product.  You can go as deep as you want with this idea.

My Thoughts

Big companies will pay big money to solve their little print problems.  Especially if it can be a chance to do great branding and appease the consumer watchdogs at the same time.  Web 2.0 will love it to.

There is a chance to invent a new way of doing something, and brand yourselves as the go to people for this product.  You could even create the Billy Mays of terms and conditions.

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