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Biz Idea #14 – Live Cams Everywhere!

by Byron on January 20, 2012

The Problem:

I want to know how long the lines are, how popular something is, how someplace I’ve never been actually looks.  I want to know now, from my mobile phone.  And I don’t just want to go to foursquare and get the mayor’s opinion.

The Business

In keeping with yesterday’s non-porn live cams theme,

That’s right, a live cam everywhere.  How long is the line at Starbucks?  How is traffic at a particular exact location?  Is that trendy spot really so trendy?  …I want to see before I go.


How do you incentivize a business owner to put up an always-on camera feed of their spot?  If you could do that, you would be fine.  Google would display the live feed on the search results page for local search, foursquare would show it, facebook would show it, the site’s homepage would show it, everyone would show it.  Customers would check it out if everyone showed it.  But who foots the bill?  And therefore, where is the revenue model?

My Thoughts

Try this on for size:

For $50/month, you will send a merchant a camera, check that the feed is working, display the feed on a central website –, give the code for the video to facebook, the merchant, google, whoever else to display the live feed.

You will then troubleshoot it.  Make sure the feed stays live.  Turn the feed on or off during business/non-business hours, etc.

It’s a massive undertaking.  But, surely, in 50 years, I’ll be able to see everywhere I want to see without going there.  Isn’t this a good step in going from here to there?

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