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Google Alerts

by Byron on November 5, 2011

I do not have a Facebook or Twitter relationship with more than half of my clients.  This means I do not get updated with respect to their life happenings.  Of course, with the social media noise ratio, I don’t keep up with many people via facebook.  There is simply too much.  Whether it’s a lack of digital relationship or drowning in the sea of updates, I don’t get enough of my clients.

But I need to keep up with my clients’ life happenings.  This is why I am in the process of establishing google alerts for all of my clients.  Google alerts gives me the ability to hear news (from the web) about my clients or prospects on a daily or weekly basis.  I can then follow-up with them directly via email or a phone call.

(Of course, I don’t have a relationship with any of my clients via estimatedfuture, as my clients do not know I operate estimatedfuture.  My real facebook account only.)

It is also a business someone could easily start.  Digitizing rolodexes.  I can’t tell you how many small business people could use to have their rolodex digitized.  Once a day, they get an email with all the info from everywhere digital about everyone they know.  Handwritten card goes out.  Relationships get strengthened.  I suspect, if marketed and sold well, this service could be incredibly valuable.  It would probably take a day or more to set-up.  It would probably be expensive.  It would need to identify people with non-distinct names via some other identifier.  The client would need to help.  It could pull from linkedin, facebook, twitter, google alerts, blog aggregators, etc.

One email, once a day, holler atcha boy.  Done

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