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The truth as I know it

by Byron on October 20, 2011

I’ve been in production for 80 days. 80 full days, mind you. I’m including today. I started this blog before I was even in production. I started the predecessor blog – brokegovernment – before I was even a financial advisor. But then I realized the government wasn’t broke, and i should probably learn something before becoming a pundit.

Even when I started this blog, I liked to pretend like I know something. Maybe that’s part of the curse of the job – people want financial advice from someone who gives them a little certainty in an uncertain world. It doesn’t quite matter that no one can give certainty. If they could, would they be talking to you, telling you what’s up for 80 basis points?

Of course, there’s some humility on my part. I could have called the blog thefuture.

So I’m done with anything other than 100% truth as I know it.

Im a 33 year old former lawyer, former entrepreneur. I’m 80 days in production. I have $600k under management. I have verbal commitment on two retirement plans, $1.3M and $400k. I’m as retail as it gets.

On days when I think about $100M, I want to quit.

But I have two things hardly anyone else seems to have. Integrity and a long-term focus. And this blog.

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