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App Mash-Ups

by Byron on June 16, 2011

There need to be app mash-ups.  I remember in the mid aughts when site mash-ups were the thing.  Mix real estate sites with google maps, mash CRM with calendaring.  Web application hybrids.  It all seems a bit plain now.

The new thing should be app mash-ups.

I have about 20 different viable lunch options within 2 minutes of the office.  Probably 50 different places if I extend it to 5 minutes of the office.    I go out to lunch everyday.  Today, I went to Chik-Fil-a.  (Glad it’s not Sunday.)  I want my lunch options to compete for my lunch business.  Not just on price, but on timeliness of the offer (Today I think I want nuggets!), an issue I hadn’t thought of (Our chicken is organic!), or even the weather (It’s beautiful out!  Walk over to our spot).

I don’t shop on price.  Maybe for big ticket items.  Not for lunch.  But I don’t spend two when I can spend one.  All other things weighed evenly, I’ll go for the cheaper option.  It’s ingrained.  I’m grateful to my parents for that, no matter how wealthy I become.  Bottom line, of course price will always be one differentiator.  But my lunch utopia app needs much more than just price as a differentiator.

Think urban spoon, mashed with groupon, mashed with google maps, mashed with, mashed with my girlfriend who knows I like to walk when the weather is nice, eat organic, and, occasionally, have my mind made up for me.

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