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We’re gonna record EVERYTHING

by Byron on April 25, 2011

What’s the best way to figure out the future or solve a problem? Draw on history. Draw on data. What’s the best way to access history and historical data? Record it.

We’re gonna record everything. EVERYTHING! And I don’t mean little handheld camcorders that are easy to use. And I don’t mean how you were sure they were going to have video of that plane landing in the Hudson. (you were right.). I mean unconsciously. All over the place, from every angle, all inputs, all facts, all data.

If you think this has no use, you don’t understand how much happier I am on days when I drink one and one quarter cups of slightly lighter than usual coffee, go to lunch with Harry, get to the gym around 4:15pm, and read from 8:30-9:50pm.

I’m not really kidding. When you have all the data, you know what makes cancer cells like to grow, what causes uprisings in small agrarian nations, or maybe even what causes the earth to move, springing up a tidal wave. You know what produces optimal. You know what advances optimal.

The investment themes are faaaar reaching. Some are obvious, some less so. Data storage. We just stepped to the plate in the first inning. We just fouled off the first pitch.

Perhaps more importantly than raw data storage, software and algorithms that collect, collate, and report. She who makes art from the paint storm makes the future.

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