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Redoing Education

by Byron on April 18, 2011

Imagine the Wikipedia of Education

Free education, put forth by those who know, spurred on by competition between experts

10 class courses, on the web, all in one place.

Not phoenix online.  But free.  And world class teachers, doing it for the betterment of the world.

Wikipedia like editors would be the TA’s.

True genius would find a way to emerge.

A little like TED, but with 10 class hours, not 20 minutes.

Multiple choice testing easy to grade.

An ecosystem would emerge that could include localized, for-profit tutoring, mentoring, relationship building.

Would not work in all subjects, but would work in most.

Current education system needs to be destroyed.  Too big, too entrenched, too self-serving, too-expensive.

Teaching, somewhere along the way, was set-down by academics who wanted to get paid to write too many meaningless things.

(I can only stand on the shoulders of giants.  Something in John Mauldin‘s EndGame got me to this thought.  Great book.)

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