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What is this Blog?

This blog is an experiment.

Quite simply, I am challenging myself to come up with a new, fresh idea for a business every single business day for all of 2012.

One post.  Every business day for a year.  A new billion-dollar idea.

Okay, billion dollar idea is an exaggeration.  Some of the ideas might be pure gold, many will be flops.  But my everyday challenge to myself is a new idea that I believe could make money.  No filler.  No mailing it in.

I wanted to do something remarkable, a la Seth Godin.  I wanted to say no to average. Everyone told me, “One idea a week would be really great.  Just start out with that.”  One idea a week is average.  One idea a day is remarkable.

And lest we forget, ideas aren’t the real value.  Taking the idea and running with it is what’s hard.  Executing everyday is hard.  Going from nothing but a thought to a business is hard.

The idea is only the first 1%.  (That’s probably being generous.)  But it is the start.



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