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What is Dying?

by Byron on October 20, 2017


You asked me about dying today.  You’ve asked me about it a few times recently.  You know that Mandy’s aunt was buried, and you thought that she died because she got dirt in her mouth when was buried.  I explained that “No, she was already dead when they put her in a box and the put the box in the ground.”  Then you asked “Well, then how could she die?”

I said sometimes your body has growths in the wrong place that cause you to die.  You asked if it was like boo-boos.  I said it was, kind of on the inside.

You asked if it was like clouds and flying.  You explained that you saw a picture at great-grandpa’s funeral, which is why you knew.  But you said that Great-Grandpa’s funeral was a long, long, long time ago.  (It was 5 months ago.)  But you said Aunt Rae’s was a short time ago.  (Her unveiling was this past weekend.)

Then you said that you weren’t going to die for like a hundred years.  And I said right.  Then you said you had already lived part of those hundred years.  And I said right.  And then I counted to 50 to show you how many years you have.  And I said that we were only half way there.  But the light turned green.  You got the gist – if you get 100, you get a lot of years.  Wow do I hope you do!!

Then, you said the nicest thing to me that anyone’s ever said.  You said, “And you’re not going to die for a long, long time, either, right?”  I said right.  I hope that’s true too!!

There’s a couple important things to remember: tomorrow is never promised; love like you know that; the greatest joy I’ve ever had is being your and Gibson’s Dad.

I love you!!


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