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October 2017

by Byron on October 8, 2017


What’s been happening lately?

Deck- you are about six weeks into McDonogh.  You seem to be loving it.  You are testing your muscle with Mom and I all the time.  It takes a great deal of patience to deal with you sometimes.  It’s okay, because I, for one, love to see that assertive, fighting spirit.  Especially because you have a great heart.  You are kind and thoughtful and notice a lot of the world around you.  This includes people and their feelings.  As long as the empathy and compassion remains, you can assert yourself with me all the time!

Gib- you are so talkative and friendly.  You have been asserting yourself more too.  You are learning how to do it in a nice way.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a problem, but overall, it’s all good.  You are learning to make your way in the world and figuring out how to be a friend, a son, a student, and a brother.  A little brother.  It’s not always easy, but you are doing a great job.  You also remain quite the fun loving character.

It’s a true pleasure to be around both of you the vast majority of the time!  And when it isn’t, we’re all learning, which is cool too.

My favorite things lately:

  • Often, when talking to me, Gibson, you end your sentence with, “Right, Daddy?”  You say things like, “It’s cold outside; right, Daddy?”  or “Today’s a home day, right Daddy?”  (a weekend) or, after showing me some crazy leap you do off your bed or some other object, “That was cool move, right Daddy?”
  • Decker, you’ve asked me if we can go to the Orioles game a number of times, even though the last home game was a few weeks ago.  When I tell you that the Orioles won’t play again until the spring, you say, “Oh, because it’s Ravens games now.”
  • Decker, last time we went rock climbing, I told you that you could keep going as many times as you wanted, as long as you climbed all the way to the top.  You climbed to the top about six times.
  • Gibson, you ask all the time when you get to go to McDonogh.  I tell you after we go to the beach.

We’re going to the beach for all of August next year.  We are very, very fortunate.

I love you guys!


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